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brownie-2.pngLovable Pit Bull Finds New Home on Valentine’s Day

You may remember Brownie, whose story went viral when he was found sitting on a curbside couch outside after being left behind when his owners moved away. On Valentine’s Day, Brownie was given the gift of love and a home when new owner Ted adopted the handsome, gentle giant...[Read More]

legislative-welfare.pngTake Action to Help Stop Damaging Animal Cruelty Bill!

It's back! The bill that reduces the penalties for animal abuse and weakens cruelty protection for farm animals has reached the Arizona Legislature and we need your help to stop it! The bill is an amended version of the measure that failed last session with the support of animal lovers like you. The fight continues...[Read More]

spay-cat.pngSpay Up All Night Offers 80 Free Surgeries

In our continued commitment to combating pet overpopulation, AHS veterinarians will be Spaying Up All Night and performing 80 free spay/neuter surgeries at our veterinary clinics no matter how long it takes on February 24th...[Read More]

chloe-cwf.pngChloe Seeking Her Happily Ev-Fur After at Compassion with Fashion

When our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ rescued 1-year-old Chloe off the streets, the stray Shih Tzu was limping, had cherry eye and suffering from bladder stones.

Chloe was brought to our Second Chance Animal Hospital™, where our team of skilled vets treated her injuries and delivered her to the home of one of our compassionate foster heroes... [Read More]

puppy-bow-update-2-17.pngPuppy Bowl Pups Score New Homes

It’s been just a few weeks since our Puppy Bowl Café puppies scored big and landed new homes. Check out this awesome update from Fox 10 News on some of our Puppy Bowl alums... [Read More]

Featured Pet: Paco
Paco is a distinguished and regal blue-eyed Himalayan who considers himself to be a lap cat. The laidback 10-year-old dreams of a day where he can bask in sun while sprawled out in front of a windowsill. His favorite pastimes include bird watching and lounging on the couch beside you while you read a book. He likes sleeping in open dresser drawers during the day and will curl up at the foot of your bed at night.

Meet Paco at Petique at Biltmore Fashion Park Retail and Adoption Center. For more information call 602.957.3113 and ask for animal ID number A502549.
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